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3 lessons hospitals can learn about technology from Amazon

You may not think comparing healthcare delivery to a shopping website would be worthwhile. But according to one healthcare IT pro, when it comes to effective technology use, hospitals have a lot to learn from online retailer

10 healthcare technology trends hospital execs should watch

There are several emerging medical technology trends that hospital execs should be keeping their eye on this year and beyond.

The Top 10 Healthcare Business & Technology Stories of 2013

For the healthcare business world the upcoming year will center around the Affordable Care Act. Before it starts, Healthcare Business & Technology is taking a  look back at the stories that grabbed your attention this year. Here are “The Top 10 Healthcare Business & Technology Stories of 2013.”

New technology may reduce patient medication errors, cut readmissions

Medication errors are some of the biggest problems causing hospital readmissions, and they’re also a key factor contributing to rising healthcare costs.

Grant provides hospital with high-tech approach to patient care

Imagine if hospitals took an approach to patient care that mirrored all the automated safety precautions found in the manufacturing of modern automobiles, such as automated checklists. If Johns Hopkins has its way, this may soon be a reality.

Medical mistakes worry consumers, but they have faith in technology

A new study shows that 73% of consumers are worried about doctors and hospitals making medical mistakes, and 45% of them are “very concerned.” They have good reason to be.

Are tablets and smartphones tools or distractions?

Is the prevalence of gadgets in health care a good thing for patient care? Or is it too much of a tempting distraction?

Survey: Patients want more online access to docs

As more people default to doing everything from paying bills to ordering groceries online, they also want to handle more of their health care online.

More hospitals using iPads at the patient bedside

A recent survey shows the iPad and other Mac products making significant inroads among users in the health care field.

Treated to death

Despite, or because of, mind-boggling advances in medical technology, many people at the end of life are suffering harder, more painful deaths. How do we balance the hope of a cure against the reality of death?