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How artificial intelligence could revolutionize your hospital

The potential benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in health care are myriad: predicting readmissions, making treatment suggestions and monitoring patient flow. But how can your hospital best make use of the rise of AI technology, and what are the possible problems you could face as AI use becomes more widespread? 

SMS SOS: Secure texting strategies for your hospital

There are a host of technology challenges hospitals face, including electronic health records (EHR) systems integration. But one of the biggest ones is managing how personal mobile devices are used for work. Since almost everyone owns a smartphone or uses one for professional purposes, implementing secure texting strategies is more important than ever for your […] [MORE]

Why telemedicine is critical for hospitals

More providers and payors are increasing their reliance on telemedicine services as a way to save time and money, and make life easier for patients and providers. If your hospital isn’t moving toward telehealth, it may want to consider it.

Healthcare is in the middle of a mobile movement

A growing number of organizations across industries are developing mobile-friendly services and solutions now that mobile browsing exceeds desktop browsing. The healthcare industry is not exempt from this shifting landscape, but many healthcare organizations are lagging behind. In this guest post, Chris Byers, CEO of a company that offers an online form and data-collection platform, […] [MORE]

Program encourages patients to use healthcare tech

The feds want patients to be more engaged with healthcare technology, particularly by viewing their health data via access to electronic health records (EHR) systems. However, many patients aren’t taking advantage of this feature, so hospitals may have to use technology creatively to get them on board. 

Top 10 hospital technology hazards for 2017

Health technology continues to get more advanced. And while this can improve patient care, it also opens up hospitals to a new set of dangers they may not have imagined before. What should your facility have its eyes on for 2017? To give facilities guidance, the ECRI Institute has issued its annual list of top […] [MORE]

Modern medicine: Making a powerful connection

Precision medicine is going to transform health care, but collaboration between health care, technology providers and communications specialists is essential if stakeholders are to understand its true value. In this guest post, Robert Grammatica, EVP and managing director at a data-driven healthcare marketing agency, details the three things we need to consider when developing collaborative […] [MORE]

Hospitals may be top target of cyberattacks in 2017

Cyberattacks on healthcare providers have grown more popular in recent years – especially with the rise of ransomware incidents in hospitals. And that trend shows no sign of stopping in the coming year. In fact, experts say the situation may get worse in 2017. 

Best tech strategy to boost medication adherence

With medication adherence, there are several steps hospitals can take to help patients remember to take their medications, including methods that rely on technology such as text messages. But how effective are these strategies long term? 

The future of hospitals: Treating patients at home

As technology becomes more advanced, giving providers the ability to monitor patients’ conditions from afar, “hospital at home” programs will grow in popularity. Hospitals must be prepared for this shift in care delivery.