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Save money & go green with sustainability efforts

Sustainability is a hot topic these days, and the benefits for hospitals that adopt energy-saving routines are numerous. From saving money on utility costs to boosting your public image, going a little greener can only improve your organization.

5 practical ways for your hospital to go green

Hospitals are significant contributors to pollution. That’s why it’s crucial for facilities to be more sustainable and look for ways to go green. And it’s not just to save the Earth: The health of patients depends on it. 

Going green: Strategies for your hospital to become more sustainable

Have you ever thought about making your hospital’s operations more environmentally friendly? Making the effort to “go green” could be very beneficial to your facility.

Hospitals embracing greener pastures

  Clearly, hospitals need to stay open 24/7. But, as a result, they consume an enormous amount of energy and produce tons of waste: 7,000 tons of waste each day to be exact, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).