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One health IT area providers and patients can’t agree on

Hospital leaders have to find common ground between providers and patients on what’s effective health IT. 

Why hospitals should foster more transparency

The cost and efficiency of care will continue to be a major motivating factor for many patients. They want to know how much services will cost so they can plan their care without breaking the bank. 

What the next generation of consumers expect from hospitals

Is your hospital prepared to meet the demands of the next generation of health consumers? A new survey has the answers. 

Should your hospital outsource its ICD-10 coding?

Many providers are worried they won’t have the time or ability to manage the transition to ICD-10 well. As a result, a lot of hospitals are planning to outsource their coding needs. But before your facility follows suit, there are some things to consider. 

Quality of U.S. healthcare system at rock bottom?

The U.S. came in dead last for the fifth year in a row when stacked up against other industrialized countries based on healthcare quality, efficiency and access to care. 

11 hospitals make Fortune’s ‘100 best companies to work for’ list

Who are the best companies to work for? This year 275 companies took part in Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” 2014 list. And 11 hospitals and health systems made the list!

Physician survey: Would they choose the ‘noble profession’ all over again?

Are the physicians who work in your facility happy? They may be happier than those who are in private practice, according to a new physician survey. 

Survey: Hospitals aren’t ready for Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Despite an increased adoption of more advanced EHR systems, the majority of hospitals aren’t confident their organization will be ready to meet Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements to receive federal EHR incentives.

Survery: Voters want feds to cut health IT incentives

Though federal incentives are great for healthcare providers looking to switch to electronic health records and install other systems, the American public is less enthusiastic about the government’s investments in health IT, according to one recent poll. 

Report: US doctors lag behind in health IT

Though use of EHRs and other technology has increased, US doctors are still behind those in many other countries when it comes to health IT adoption.