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New sites rank surgeons, hospital performance

Heads up: There’s even more scrutiny headed your hospital’s way for its performance in surgeries. Two new websites are reviewing and ranking surgeons based on their complication rates – and this may affect whether patients choose your hospital for certain procedures. 

New model improves emergency surgery

Making emergency surgery safer may be tough, especially since much of it happens under serious time contstraints. But one hospital has created a successful model others can follow with great results.

Ouch! Surgical sharps injuries on the rise

This hurts in more ways than one: Since passage of a new safety law, surgical sharps injuries have increased more than 6% — while injuries in nonsurgical settings dropped more than 30%. The question is: Why?

‘If it’s a mastectomy, play Mozart; Bach for the bowels’

It’s no secret most surgeons like to play music in the operating room. Now someone is finally studying if different types of music can impact how well those docs perform.