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7 ways hospitals can cut drug costs

Prescription drug costs are one of hospitals’ biggest expenses, and it doesn’t look like the trend’s going away anytime soon. As pharmaceutical companies continue to raise their prices, hospitals bear the brunt of the increases. 

Hospitals wasting millions due to unused supplies

Managing supplies effectively is critical to avoiding waste in hospitals. Unfortunately, many facilities aren’t tracking their medical supplies as closely as they should be, and that’s created a huge surplus of medical goods that often go unused. 

Fix issues with supply chain management in your hospital

Supply chain management is one area where hospitals must work to cut back on waste. In some cases, it falls by the wayside, but issues with the supply chain can lead to inefficiencies that negatively impact patients’ care. So it needs to be at the forefront of healthcare executives’ minds.  

Supply chain management: What hospitals can learn from ant farms

Looking for a way to root out inefficiencies in your hospital’s supply chain? Take a cue from the lowly ant farm.