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Addressing coronavirus, behavioral health crisis and public health concerns

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the United States was already in the midst of a suicide and opioid epidemic. Suicides are the tenth overall leading cause of death with 48,344 fatalities in 2018. 

Suicide in hospitals: Why ligature is 2018’s regulatory heavy hitter

Ranking among the top three sentinel events in The Joint Commission’s (TJC) database, healthcare leaders are increasingly placing emphasis on the assessment of suicide and self-harm, and prompting regulators to focus heavily on ligature risks. With much of research identifying suicide attempts as impulsive, reducing environmental risks and opportunities for self-harm is vital for curbing […] [MORE]

What hospitals should do to prevent patient suicide

Suicide is a significant problem in the U.S. And the Joint Commission wants hospitals to do a better job at identifying patients who are at risk of harming themselves and referring them to the appropriate treatment resources. 

Will physician suicide affect your hospital?

Did you know the majority of U.S. physicians are stressed or burned out? And not only does job stress and burnout lead to greater turnover, which is costly for hospitals, it also plays a much larger role in physician suicides than it does among nonphysician suicides.

Joint Commission warns: Suicide risk extends outside the ER and psych wards

A new Sentinel Event Alert from the Joint Commission warns health care providers that non-psychiatric patients are committing suicide in a variety of inpatient units.

Discharged patient commits murder-suicide — were her docs to blame?

Can doctors be held responsible for the actions of a mentally ill patient they treated four months earlier? A new court case aims to find out.

Updated sentinel event stats for ’09

Here’s the latest data on the 10 most frequently reported sentinel events as tracked by JCAHO.