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Report: Drug costs on the rise for hospitals

Rising drug prices are making an impact on every aspect of health care, including hospital care. In fact, increased drug costs are straining many facilities’ budgets – even with older brand-name drugs and generics. A new report sheds light on just how expensive some prescriptions have gotten. 

Health IT spending rises as hospital budgets decrease

Planning to make significant health IT investments in 2013? Your organization isn’t alone. 

5 reasons health care spends too much on IT – and what to do about it

Healthcare organizations are spending a lot on IT services and software – and a lot more than they have to, according to one recent report. 

Hospital spending to slow – except in IT

Compared to last year, fewer hospitals plan to increase capital spending in the coming months. However, much of the spending increases that are made will go toward new health IT investments. 

Health spending up, but starting to slow

U.S. health care spending grew by 4.4% in 2008 — almost twice as fast as overall economic growth — but that’s actually a decelerated pace compared to prior years.