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Who generates more revenue for hospitals, PCPs or specialists?

Is your hospital compensating its primary care physicians (PCPs) adequately? If you’re not sure, you should find out. Reason: A new survey revealed PCPs generate more annual revenue for hospitals than specialists.

10 hospitals now offer special addiction residencies

Growing interest in treating addiction as a medical issue, not a mental health issue, is behind the new program.

Waste in health care: Where does it start?

For a variety of reasons, many patients seek wasteful, too-expensive care in ways that hurt every part of the system — health care providers, insurers and patients.

Which docs gets sued most often — and what’s the real cost?

A new study from the American Medical Association looked into which doctors — by gender, age, specialty, etc. — are most likely to get sued or have other liability claims against them.

How much would a consult with Dr. House cost?

He always gets the right diagnosis (eventually) but how much would a trip to TV’s House actually cost in real life?

Health reform passes: Winners, losers and what to expect next

The health care reform bill finally passed, and while no one may be completely happy with it, it brings some definite good news for the industry.