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Are your hospital’s employees spending too much time on Facebook?

One impact of the greater use of technology in health care: It gives employees more opportunities for distracting personal Internet use. 

5 HIPAA-friendly ways to use social media

Many health care providers are worried that social networking’s main selling point — ease of sharing info — will lead them astray of HIPAA rules by sharing too much info with the wrong audience.

‘It was just a splinter!’ Did hospital overreact to Facebook photo?

Have hospitals gone too far to protect “sensitive” information when even a simple procedure and a photo on Facebook are all it takes to get a number of  employees reprimanded for bad behavior? 

Nurses posted dying patient’s graphic photo on Facebook

Note to emergency room personnel: Refrain from taking grisly photos of dying patients and posting them online.

Malpractice: There’s an app for that?

Some of the simplest technological tools can open the door to significant malpractice claims.

New STD cause: Facebook?

One public health official is bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “computer virus.”

‘My therapist just friended me!’ Awkward ethics of the digital age

The traditional boundaries between patients and physicians are blurring as social networking grows. Can clinicians accept a patient’s “friend” request? Should your therapist read your blog? What are the new boundaries?

Why your social networking strategy may be falling short

New research shows what is — and isn’t — working for health organizations venturing into social networking.

Case study: Twitter brings in emergency blood donors

There was one bright light amid the grim violence of the recent shootings at Fort Hood.

FDA looks to regulate Web marketing of medical products

We may soon have clearer guidelines as to what medical vendors can say when promoting their products via new social media outlets.