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Smoking cessation may boost outcomes after joint replacement surgery

Smokers often have poor outcomes after procedures in hospitals. Since facilities are being judged based on patient outcomes, avoiding complications is critical. New research suggests that helping these patients quit smoking may have a positive impact on their recovery from various procedures – specifically hip and knee replacements. 

Nurse counseling can help hospital patients stop smoking

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), close to 40 million adults in the country smoke cigarettes, and many of these people will end up visiting a hospital for one reason or another. Regardless of whether their illnesses are directly related to smoking, the habit can have detrimental effects on […] [MORE]

Why your hospital may want to create a smoking cessation program

Hospitals may soon be the next partners in helping patients to stop smoking – if the results of a recent study are any indication.

Smokers need not apply at this hospital

Smokers shouldn’t bother applying for jobs at this hospital. Those who need a nicotine fix are no longer welcome.

Mental health: There’s an app for that

The latest treatment for a variety of mental illnesses may be as close as a patient’s phone.