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Keys to better discharge planning if patients need skilled nursing care

Discharge planning is often challenging for patients and providers alike, especially if a patient may need to stay at a skilled nursing facility after leaving the hospital. To ensure the best outcomes for patients, it’s important for hospitals to take a more active role with helping patients and their families navigate the discharge process. 

New rule would require hospitals to give patients more data about nursing homes

Traditionally, hospitals haven’t provided patients with much information about the quality of any nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities where they may end up after discharge. But a proposed rule may place more responsibility on hospitals in this regard. 

New payment model for nursing care may benefit hospitals

A new Medicare initiative may make it easier for hospitals to avoid unnecessary admissions for patients from long-term care facilities. And it could also make the road ahead smoother for bundled payments. 

Prevent hospital readmissions in patients discharged to SNFs

Hospital patients aren’t always discharged to their homes. This is particularly true for older patients, who may be sent to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) after a hospital stay. But these patients have a fairly high risk of being readmitted to the hospital.