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Court: Hospital can be sued when one patient attacks another

A hospital’s job isn’t just to treat patients and keep them safe anymore — now you have to worry about keeping them safe from each other.

Report: Understaffing led to children’s sexual abuse

Lax supervision and too few workers were the main drivers behind a series of sexual assaults at one Chicago psychiatric hospital, according to state officials. 

Report: Patient abuse goes unreported, undisciplined

Employees who abused developmentally disabled patients in state-run group homes faced few consequences. In most cases they were simply transferred to other facilities.

Goosing the nurse: Not recommended as an expression of gratitude

Some nurses get fancy chocolates from grateful patients. This one got goosed.

Why are hospitals making more errors now?

Despite hospitals’ best efforts, the data indicates that some of the most serious adverse events patients can face are becoming more common, not less.