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Are you watching for this uncommon HIPAA risk?

It’s important for facilities to watch out for HIPAA violations other than security breaches that could also lead to penalties  — something this facility didn’t realize until too late. 

What the largest HIPAA settlement yet will mean for your facility

The feds are continuing down the warpath against healthcare facilities with shoddy online security and health information protection — and the stakes keep getting higher. 

Children’s hospital system pays $1.5M to settle double-billing lawsuit

Double billing for radiology services has proved costly for one Texas children’s hospital system – to the tune of $1.5 million.

First HIPAA fine for breach of less than 500 records announced

An Idaho hospice has agreed to pay $50,000 to settle alleged HIPAA violations in the first HIPAA fine for a breach involving fewer than 500 patient records. 

Stolen laptop leads to $1.5 million HIPAA fine

Several healthcare providers have recently been hit by data breaches after the theft of a laptop or other computing device. Now a similar case has led to a huge financial penalty for one hospital. 

Alaska DHSS fined $1.7 million after data breach

The second largest settlement for HIPAA violations so far has some lessons for healthcare organizations. 

Practice fined $100,000 for posting appointments online

Healthcare organizations are required to protect a lot of sensitive information. That doesn’t just mean medical records — hospitals and doctors’ offices hold a lot of other data that contains protected health information. 

Hard drive theft leads to $1.5 million fine for privacy violations

The first enforcement action involving the HITECH Act’s data breach notification rule has lead to a big settlement to be paid by an insurance company. 

Doc’s mistake explodes patient’s eye

We can all agree: Routine cataract surgery shouldn’t begin with an eye being burst from within. The cost in this case: $925k and a patient’s vision. 

Yet another hospital pays to settle patient dumping allegations

A Los Angeles-area hospital is paying $125k to settle allegations that it dumped a patient at a homeless shelter.