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Network checklist: How to make your infrastructure more resilient

Healthcare innovation can be a double-edged sword: The evolution is occurring rapidly, and networks must be flexible enough to respond to new and ever-changing demands. In this guest post, Karin Ratchinsky, director of healthcare vertical strategy at a global communications provider, explains that to keep up, IT systems must be both nimble and resilient, with […] [MORE]

Object storage: Curing the healthcare industry’s data headaches

Medical science has made incredible progress with disease management and life expectancies. But there’s one frontier that still needs to be crossed for the healthcare industry to provide the best possible care: the data problem. In this guest post, Jonathan Ring, co-founder and CEO of a software development firm, explains how object storage may be […] [MORE]

6 pitfalls of texting for hospitals: How to avoid them

Text messaging is becoming more popular in many hospitals. Instead of paging, clinical staff may use third-party messaging apps on smartphones and tablets to contact other doctors and nurses. Unfortunately, this growing practice doesn’t come without risks. 

Avoid 4 common errors with your hospital’s EHR

Hospitals need to have electronic health records (EHR) systems that meet the needs of staff and patients. Using a system that doesn’t work for both groups can hurt your ability to provide high-quality care in an efficient manner, which could cause many problems down the line.  

How 2015 will shape 2016 in health IT

Health information technology is constantly evolving, and the obstacles and opportunities that shaped 2015 will affect 2016. Five key health IT trends that had the greatest impact on the industry in 2015 were security, moving to the cloud, a focus on the patient, doing more with less and data center consolidation. In this guest post, […] [MORE]

Is your hospital board aware of these 4 leadership “blind spots”?

Hospital boards must make sure they’ve got a clear view of the big picture affecting their facilities, not just the financials. Board members may not be fully aware of some crucial areas that make a big difference for a hospital’s success – and they need more knowledge of these topics. 

Right authentication is key factor for healthcare e-signature security

Simple but mighty, e-signatures are powerful tools for healthcare organizations. They can keep patient, billing or administration documentation in pure digital form, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in paper, ink and related costs. And with the ability to sign and send documents anywhere there’s an Internet connection, they drive efficiency and expediency. In this guest post, John […] [MORE]

More hospitals using fingerprint scans for patient ID

To identify patients, some hospitals are exploring the use of biometric technology – specifically fingerprint recognition. The approach has both benefits and drawbacks. 

Report: Hospitals need better IT security protocol

Much has been said about putting appropriate network safeguards into place to prevent breaches of patients’ protected health information (PHI). According to a new report, not enough hospitals are following best IT security practices to manage employees’ access to this data. 

Wireless networks: What your hospital must consider

Hospital wireless Internet networks have come a long way in supporting technology such as electronic health records (EHRs). But facilities will have to keep upgrading their IT infrastructure so it can handle increasing demand on several fronts.