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Considering putting patient PHI on the cloud? 3 factors to consider

When making the switch to an electronic health records (EHR) system, some practices are choosing cloud-based services over more traditional hardware systems. Cloud-based systems may offer providers a lower up-front cost than other alternatives. The problem: The cost of a breach of patients protected health information (PHI) could far outstrip those savings. 

Most doctors engage in this risky EHR behavior, study says

While EHRs and other health IT can improve patient safety and the quality of care, they can also introduce new risks if they aren’t used properly. And there’s one risky practice that’s common among doctors who use EHRs: 

The new legal risks created by mobile devices in health care

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are becoming popular in healthcare, in part because they give doctors easy and convenient access to the information they need to make fast decisions. But those devices also create new security and legal risks for healthcare organizations. 

4 key steps: Caring for wander-risk patients

The last thing any facility wants is for an elderly patient with dementia to wander off and get hurt or lost. If that happens you could be faced with angry loved ones and lawsuits.

Report: EHRs could increase malpractice lawsuit risk

While electronic health records (EHRs) have many benefits for patients and healthcare providers, if they aren’t used properly, they could open up new liability risks for organizations.

More proof: New residents are killing your patients

Recent research lends credence to the belief that the influx of new residents each summer increases the risk to patients.

Nine hospitals test a radical new informed consent form

Any clinician has seen a patient’s eyes glaze over — or widen in terror — when faced with a consent form that includes dozens of potential risks ranging from infection to death. A process to better inform patients often only confuses them.

Are nursing home patients being drugged into submission?

New research shows that nearly a fifth of seniors in nursing homes are receiving psychotropics they don’t need. In some states, that number is much higher.

Is hassle of paperwork hurting your safety program?

Bad news for doctors and patients: A recent study of just-out-of-school doctors shows some disturbing patterns in their willingness to follow basic procedures.