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Healthcare environment: Achieving mobile security

Using mobile devices in the healthcare world offers many benefits, but it also present major risks when it comes to security. In this guest post, Gene Fry, VP of technology and compliance officer at a company that streamlines paper-intensive processes, and protects sensitive and business-critical information, provides a guide healthcare organizations can use to develop a culture […] [MORE]

Why diagnosis coding flaws hurt your bottom line

One of the goals of adopting ICD-10 was to make the information in public health databases about patients more accurate. And judging by a recent analysis, hospitals need to make sure their billing departments are coding all patient diagnoses – or their reimbursement may be in jeopardy. 

BYOD issues: Make sure your hospital is protected

Allowing employees to use their own electronic, portable devices at work can save hospitals money by reducing hardware costs, but it can also put facilities at risk of violating HIPAA security standards. That’s why it’s vital for hospitals to develop and implement a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program.

Two hospitals report security breaches: Avoid their mistakes

Two recent incidents involving hospital data breaches illustrate why your hospital needs to have policies and safeguards in place to prevent these problems before they arise. 

10 ways to protect health data

As more patient information is held electronically, it gives doctors better access to data and enables faster, better decision making. Unfortunately, it also gives cybercriminals new ways to illegally access sensitive medical data.