Healthcare News & Insights

Report: 1 in 5 Americans are mentally ill

The latest report on mental health care in America is enough to make anyone depressed.

Can microwave popcorn reduce vaccines’ effectiveness?

New questions are being raised about whether chemicals found in microwave popcorn interfere with the effectiveness of certain vaccinations.

Report: Trend of hiring more docs continues

Good employment news! If you’re a doctor… 

Study: Non-responding asthma patients may have different form of the disease

About half of asthma patients may have a different form of the disease which doesn’t respond to some common medications that work for other patients.

Health care spending increases slow — because no one can afford it

It was a second year of slower spending on health care. That’s not because services are more affordable, though.

Study: At-home births are riskier for first-time moms

A new study indicates that providing a variety of birth options can work — but for some women, at-home births do increase the risk of a poor outcome.

Survey results: Compensation levels for medical directors

The 2011 Medical Director Survey provides the latest data on what other hospitals are paying medical directors and physicians with administrative positions.

Is the nursing shortage almost over?

There may be light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the nursing shortage.

Health pros’ latest job: Customer service manager

With more emphasis on patient satisfaction, health care providers have to worry about customer service almost as much as they do medical procedures. Is that effort paying off?

EHR upgrades can lead to more prescribing errors

A new study indicates upgrading your EHR system can actually lead to an increase in certain kinds of mistakes.