Healthcare News & Insights

Knee replacements turn into lifesaving surgery for some

Knee replacement surgery has obvious benefits to patients’ mobility — but many are finding other surprising benefits.

Oops! Turns out the appendix is important after all

Conventional wisdom says that the appendix doesn’t do much and won’t be missed after removal. But new research indicates the medical community might need to rethink that stance.

Survey finds more surgeons are abusing alcohol

A new study offers a disturbing glimpse into how many surgeons are abusing alcohol — and the effects that may have on their patients.

Hospital food just might be killing you

Most people don’t rave about the taste of hospital food, but if they’re smart they’ll be more concerned about the nutrition.

End-of-life care: What patients expect isn’t what they get

Few patients talk to their doctors about end-of-life care options — but they want to. That’s just one of many disparities in how patients want to handle their care.

What really happens when patients and docs email each other?

More doctors are using email to communicate with patients — and now we have an idea what the typical exchange looks like.

Patient ratings can predict hospitals’ performance

A new study indicates that patients’ online ratings of hospitals correlate to how well hospitals perform on measures of infection and death rates.

Hospital fountain blamed for Legionnaires’ outbreak

The most recent outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease has been linked to a hospital lobby’s “water wall.”

Access to health care divided by income inequality

A new report outlines just how dramatically lower incomes correlate to people having less access to insurance and even basic health care.

How much alcohol abuse is there in assisted living?

Heavy boozing isn’t the first problem most people think of when they consider the risks of  assisted living — but a new study indicates it should be on the shortlist.