Healthcare News & Insights

Where next generation of consumers is getting its health info

To keep up with the evolution of health care, leaders will need to understand how the next generation of consumers make health decisions — and a new study is giving providers some insight. 

What’s stunting telehealth growth?

Telehealth is gaining more support from patients and politicians — but there are still significant hurdles to its effective use. 

Are patient portals effective at engaging patients?

A new survey shows patient engagement will be a major issue for hospital leaders. But another recent study shows getting patients involved in their care will take more than just a patient portal. 

Proof telehealth can improve quality of care

New research suggests there’s one more reason for hospitals to provide telehealth — it could reduce readmissions. 

How mHealth can help improve chronic care

Mobile apps, wearables and other mobile health (mHealth) devices are the newest IT trend to hit the industry. And two studies show hospitals why it may be time to add more mHealth into their operations. 

Private health information exchanges: Answer to interoperability woes?

Finding ways to improve interoperability is becoming a huge issue for hospital execs. As a result, more leaders are looking to private health information exchanges (HIEs) as a solution. 

What payors and patients want from new health IT

As the healthcare industry continues to see a boom in new technology, providers aren’t the only ones looking to use new health IT. Now patients and payors are embracing it, too. 

Can mergers expose you to more cyberthreats?

Cybersecurity remains a top area of concern for most hospital leaders. And now there’s another reason to stay vigilant. 

Are these hidden HAI risks hurting your patients’ safety?

Many hospitals aren’t taking the correct precautions to protect patients from a common infection risk from hospital staff. 

Will future EHRs be even harder to use?

Electronic health records (EHRs) aren’t going out of style any time soon — but new research suggests that user-friendly systems still could be years away.