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One health IT area providers and patients can’t agree on

Hospital leaders have to find common ground between providers and patients on what’s effective health IT. 

Hospital sees more deaths, longer stays after telehealth program

Many healthcare providers have been adopting telehealth programs with great results for both the organization and its patients. But that doesn’t mean all hospitals are having the same experience. 

3 lessons from successful telehealth programs

Many hospitals are adopting telehealth programs and remote monitoring systems, but several challenges still remain. Here’s some advice learned from recent success stories. 

iPhone 5s expands possibilities for mobile health apps

Demand is growing for mobile health apps and other tools patients can use to manage their own care. And a feature in the iPhone 5s could lead to the development of even more of those apps. 

How health IT can help cut readmission rates

Penalties will increase for hospitals with high readmission rates starting October 1. Here are some ways health IT can help. 

Study: Telehealth nearly doubled hospitals’ revenue

Adopting a telehealth program comes with a number of challenges for hospitals. But a recent study shows the impact those programs can have on a provider’s bottom line. 

3 obstacles in the way of telehealth benefits

Along with new opportunities for providers, telehealth also creates some new risks and challenges. 

Remote patient monitoring adoption grew 20% last year, report says

As hospitals begin to adopt more health IT in general, there’s one area aside from electronic health records that many providers are seeing value in: remote patient monitoring. 

Report highlights 3 successful telehealth programs

Many hospitals are using telehealth programs to expand their reach and improve the quality of care. 

Doctors want to use telehealth tools, but need more training and support

Some recent surveys report that patients want to be able to use more mobile health tools and remote monitoring technologies, but their doctors aren’t providing them. And now a new report shows that doctors are willing to use telemonitoring — but only if their organization’s health IT department provides the proper training and support.