Healthcare News & Insights

Payments on the horizon for advance care planning?

A controversial topic — advance care planning — is being broached again despite opposition from certain groups. 

Survey: Hospital execs have a bright view of the future of health care

Wondering what other healthcare execs are thinking about the effects of healthcare reform on the future of hospitals? Many are surprisingly optimistic.

More doctors escape Medicare electronic prescribing penalty

A big chunk of physicians will be allowed to apply for an exemption to a looming Medicare penalty levied against providers not using electronic prescriptions. 

Study: Hospitals face over $3,500 in HCAHPS and readmission penalties per bed over the next 3 years

Already dealing with significant revenue challenges, many hospitals will face new Medicare penalties, including a reduction in reimbursements for those with high readmission rates starting this October. 

AMA: Don’t forget about June 30 e-prescribing deadline

Physicians have until June 30 to report use of e-prescribing systems or apply for a hardship exemption if they want to avoid a Medicare penalty, the American Medical Association (AMA) recently warned providers. 

Hospital group goes to court over Medicaid cuts

An Arizona hospital group has filed suit to block the reduction in reimbursement rates for Medicaid patients.

athenahealth: Docs under-reimbursed for vaccines in nearly half of cases

Vaccinations can be a big expense for doctors with a low return on investment. And, according to a recent report, the problem has only gotten worse recently.

Telehealth: Who’s using it and how

A recent survey shows most health care providers are using telehealth with some success. But getting paid for it remains an on-going battle for many.

Bundled payment for dialysis on CMS wishlist

CMS is looking into changing payment for dialysis services so they are no longer fee-for-service.

Lighter side: Turns out hookers aren’t a medical expense

Holistic practices have their place in modern medicine, but you can’t expect the feds to reimburse every “nature-based” treatment a patient wants.