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Stop patient leakage & boost loyalty to your hospital

Keeping patients coming back to your providers and your hospital is often easier said than done. Patient leakage and improperly managed referrals are key concerns for many health systems and could result in lost revenue. 

The doctor is out: 4 ways to fill staffing gaps in health care

It’s always a struggle for medical practices to find full-time, quality hires, and the challenge is exacerbated by a serious physician shortage expected to grow worse in the coming decade. This challenge is even harder when you’re trying to fill a temporary position. MaryAnn Stolgitis, VP of operations at a national recruiting and staffing firm, […] [MORE]

Hospital system lands in hot water for referral practices

Your hospital must be careful with the payment agreements it makes with associated doctors and practices, especially regarding referrals. Reason: If these arrangements don’t comply with the law, hefty penalties could result. One hospital system just found that out the hard way. 

More veterans at private hospitals, may not mean more pay

A new government policy may mean a new influx of veteran patients at private hospitals. Unfortunately, it may also mean a stack of unpaid claims from the VA. 

Ohio Hospital pays $8.5M to settle False Claims Act Allegations

The Justice Department is firmly committed to making sure that all healthcare providers and hospitals follow the rules. And if you don’t believe it, just ask Memorial Hospital.