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Are quality improvement programs really lowering costs?

Hospitals are doing all they can to lower their costs. One way they’re doing this is by using quality improvement programs to prevent readmissions. And while they are having success at lowering readmissions, a new study shows the cost-savings aspect isn’t always there. 

This overlooked technology reduces major hidden cost

The adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) was supposed to be widespread, moving us away from paper records and slashing the need for printing in hospitals and healthcare agencies. The data, however, tells a different story: Adoption rates have been slower than expected. In this guest post, Michael O’Leary, VP-enterprise accounts at a print management […] [MORE]

What type of ACO would best fit your hospital?

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) use collaborations among healthcare providers to better patient care. But not all ACOs are the same. Here are the different types and how you can use each to make the transition to value-based care. 

Kentucky hospitals improve patient care, reduce costs

The majority of hospital executives are trying to figure out how their facilities can improve patient care while keeping costs down. In Kentucky, 100 hospitals have joined together to address these issues.

Health execs create checklist to improve quality, cut costs

It’s a timeless question: How do hospitals provide the highest standard of patient care while keeping their costs manageable?

ACOs moving full speed ahead

Looks like the Medicare Shared Savings Program, which offers financial incentives for hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers to team up in Accountable Care Organizations  (ACOs), is starting to pick up speed.