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Older docs an option to solve physician shortage

Recruiters and HR pros may be overlooking a ready pool of talent that could help them fill positions left open due to the physician shortage.

3 tips for hiring the best health IT employees

Employers in many areas have a glut of applicants to choose from when they’re filling jobs. But that may not be the case with healthcare IT employees.

Social media: How well does it work in health care?

Lots of businesses are using social media sites to promote themselves and provide information to clients. How well does that strategy translate to health care?

The real reason mid-career primary care docs are quitting

New research shows that retention of mid-career primary care physicians is up against many more hurdles than just improving their financial prospects.

Are you ready for the next hiring challenge?

Despite the scary headlines about the rising number of Americans who are out of work, health care execs may have some difficulty filling certain positions in the next few years.

New program tests real value of electronic health record subsidies

One major hospital system is offering up to $40,000 per doctor to adopt EHRs. Will it be worth it?

Hiring ‘refugees’ from other industries: Is it worth it?

Here’s a silver lining in the current economic cloud: More experienced professionals are looking for jobs in the relative safety of the health care field. It creates some real benefits — and challenges — when recruiting for the business side.

The ugly side of recruiting docs: Hospital exec issues threats

Doctor recruiting can be a dog-eat-dog world for hospital execs. Here’s a case that sets a new standard for nastiness.