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Female doctors may have an edge with patient care

A surprising factor may play a role in patient outcomes, affecting readmissions, recovery and other aspects of a patient’s hospital stay: the physician’s gender. According to the results of a new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Internal Medicine, elderly patients may fare differently depending on whether their doctors are men […] [MORE]

How new 21st Century Cures Act impacts hospitals

President Obama has just signed the 21st Century Cures Act into law. The bipartisan bill, which aims to improve access and treatment for various kinds of care, has several implications for hospitals in 2017 and beyond. 

Social factors affect readmissions for 3 conditions in hospitals

Pneumonia, heart failure and heart attacks are three of the top conditions Medicare’s evaluating to judge hospitals based on 30-day readmission rates. Although there are several aspects of treating patients for these illnesses hospitals can influence, there are other factors outside of a facility’s control. So hospitals may have to look deeper to make significant […] [MORE]

Nutrition plays big role in patient outcomes

Nutrition is an essential part of patients’ recovery, and many hospitals are realizing it’s a good idea to work with patients to increase their knowledge of nutrition and access to healthy foods. New research shows providing better nutrition care directly improves patients’ outcomes after hospital stays. 

Occupational therapy in hospitals boosts quality, lowers readmissions

Hospitals make many financial investments in an attempt to improve patient care and reduce readmissions. With all the options available, it can be tough to know which areas provide the most bang for your buck. New research calls attention to a different approach to improving patient care that your facility might not have considered yet. 

Latest on readmissions: How hospitals are doing now

The fight to reduce hospital readmissions for Medicare patients may seem like an uphill battle at times. But there’s some good news from the feds: All your efforts are starting to pay off, and readmissions rates are starting to decline. 

Partnership lowers readmissions for at-risk patients

More hospitals are taking active roles in improving patients’ treatment across the continuum of care. Because long-term outcomes have become more important in evaluating hospital performance, facilities are partnering with other healthcare entities to help patients stay healthy after they’re discharged. One such initiative has produced positive results for patients with multiple chronic conditions. 

Readmissions: Complex factors that cause them

New research says what many hospitals have likely suspected all along: A variety of factors influence whether a patient will be readmitted shortly after discharge, and they aren’t always related to the original reason for the patient’s first hospital stay. 

3 unique ways to cut readmissions

Hospitals must try all the strategies they can to reduce readmissions, and it’s wise for them to think outside the box to come up with different ideas they can adapt for their patient mix. Various health systems across the country have launched successful initiatives to improve their patients’ health – and facilities can learn from […] [MORE]

New bill would help hospitals with readmissions

Reducing hospital readmissions is at the forefront of every healthcare executive’s mind, especially since hospitals face growing penalties from Medicare for high readmission rates. However, a new bill pending in Congress may make compliance a bit easier on facilities.