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Study: Marginalized groups at greater risk for readmission, ED visits

Once patients leave your hospital, you know all too well that it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t return to your facility. When patients are discharged and moved to home health care, for example, there’s always a chance they’ll be readmitted or visit the emergency department (ED). 

8 steps to decrease readmissions for minority patients

Readmissions are always a concern for hospitals. And certain populations of patients are more likely to be readmitted than others – particularly black and Hispanic patients. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) just released a new report with a game plan for hospitals to help reduce readmission rates for racially and ethnically diverse […] [MORE]

Functional impairments in Medicare patients linked to readmissions

You’re probably sick and tired of hearing about hospitals having to reduce readmission rates or be financially penalized. After all, your facility is doing everything it can, right? 

Study finds social, community factors affect readmissions

Aside from quality of care, there are other factors — out of providers’ control — that affect whether a patient is readmitted to the hospital. 

Prediction model assesses patients at risk for 30-day readmissions

Just think how much you could lower your readmission rate if you had a tool to predict those patients at greatest risk of being readmitted after discharge. Even better, what if that tool used administrative and clinical data readily available at no cost to your facility? Sound like a dream come true? 

2013 OIG work plan released: Trouble areas to focus on

Warning: The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) has released its Fiscal Year 2013 Work Plan. And as you know, the work plan lists areas the feds will be scrutinizing for possible fraud and abuse in all settings, including hospitals.

Hospital readmissions: Study identifies responsible post-op complications

Here’s a quiz for you: Out of 10 general surgery patients, how many return due to post-op complications? a.) one b.) two c.) three d.) five

Could early discharges cost instead of save?

Like all businesses, hospitals have to make money in order to stay in business. You can’t treat patients without staff, equipment, medications, etc., and that all requires money. But is making money sometimes done at the expense of patients’ health?

How better communication reduces patient bouncebacks

Could patient bouncebacks be reduced simply with better discharge planning?

5 top ways hospitals are cutting costs

Reducing health care costs is going to take a multi-prong approach. Here are the top five ways the industry is expected to respond.