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Getting your care transitions right

For an industry in the business of safely moving many of its primary customers from one setting to another, you would think health care would do better with care transitions. Yet despite the importance of care transitions to patients’ quality of care, quality of life and outcomes, many healthcare organizations still struggle with care transition […] [MORE]

Case study: Reducing readmission rates via interactive patient screenings

Every hospital is looking for ways to reduce its readmission rates. But it’s not an easy feat, and many variables affect it. In this guest post, Holly Gould, clinical outcomes coordinator for a hospital in Michigan, shares how her facility is accomplishing this task one step at a time.

Precision medicine & its implications for hospitals

Precision medicine, a relatively new concept in health care, could dramatically change the way hospitals provide treatment to patients. In some cases, it’s already been proven to reduce readmission rates and improve patients’ recovery. 

Does higher use of post-acute care lead to higher readmission rates?

Could how often a hospital uses post-acute care affect its readmission rates? According to a new study the answer is yes, and it’s not for the better. 

How primary care can affect your readmissions rates

It’s becoming increasingly important for hospitals to partner with primary care practices to improve patient care. Here’s one reason: Patients’ interactions with their primary care doctors could have a significant impact on your readmissions rates and emergency department (ED) use. 

Closer look at what causes readmissions

Decreasing readmissions is a priority for hospitals, but it’s very complicated to do because multiple factors play a role in a patient returning to the hospital. One study provides new insight into several areas that could help hospitals cut their readmissions. 

Group sessions help discharge education sink in

If you want to find out how to reduce your readmission rate in your cardiovascular patient population, just ask South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside, NY. 

Mortality rates and readmission rates: Is there a link?

Any hospital executive on this earth wants his or her hospital to have lower mortality rates, and lower readmission rates. However, researchers are wondering if that is even possible. They’ve raised concerns that lower mortality rates actually may be linked to higher readmission rates. And that interventions that improve morality rates might increase readmission rates, […] [MORE]

Study finds link between readmissions and patient satisfaction

One new study finds a direct link between two crucial metrics in determining a hospital’s quality of care: patient satisfaction scores and readmissions rates.

Readmission rates: CMS offers hospitals help in lowering them

There’s good news and bad news for physicians in the final Medicare physician-fee schedule for 2013 issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Let’s start with the good news: Hospitals will be getting help from primary care physicians (PCPs) to lower readmission rates.