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Study finds social, community factors affect readmissions

Aside from quality of care, there are other factors — out of providers’ control — that affect whether a patient is readmitted to the hospital. 

Improving patient satisfaction: Success stories from 2 hospitals

As patient satisfaction scores continue to play a role in hospital reimbursement, hospitals need to take every step they can to improve the patient experience as a whole. 

3 lessons hospitals can learn about technology from Amazon

You may not think comparing healthcare delivery to a shopping website would be worthwhile. But according to one healthcare IT pro, when it comes to effective technology use, hospitals have a lot to learn from online retailer

One surprising way to reduce pneumonia rates

Trying to decrease your hospital’s pneumonia rates? One facility tried an unconventional method to much success: focusing on oral hygiene.

Feds approve one state’s plan to promote value-based hospital care

Changes to one state’s successful healthcare cost-cutting initiative that promote value-based care have officially gotten approval from the feds. In addition, the new system is being looked at as the future payment model for the nation’s hospitals.

Discussing palliative care in the ED may improve patient outcomes

Normally, staffers in the emergency department are more focused on getting patients triaged and treated than providing them with patient-centered care. But a new study shows that shifting their focus to palliative care could lead to shorter hospital stays and reduced costs. 

A unique approach to improving patient flow in hospitals

Hospitals have tried many tactics to limit patient overcrowding and improve patient flow, including the use of mandated nurse-to-patient ratios. But there’s one strategy hospitals can try that doesn’t require the added cost of hiring extra staff.

How hospitals can increase patient engagement

One emerging challenge hospitals must work to meet is improving patient engagement. If patients aren’t active partners in their care, they’ll face an uphill road to recovery. On the hospital side, a lack of engagement makes it difficult to meet quality measures put in place by insurers due to healthcare reform. It’s a lose-lose situation […] [MORE]

How hospitals can improve patient care on the weekends

Increasingly, quality of care is being tied to hospital reimbursement. So hospitals must examine their performance in certain areas to ensure they stay viable, including the outcomes of patients after discharge. But patient care isn’t created equal each day of the week. Patients are at a clear disadvantage if they’re admitted during weekends.

Which should come first for hospitals: Patient safety or creature comforts?

Hospitals of all sizes are spending millions of dollars on aesthetic improvements designed to lure in patients. They’re putting in the works, including private rooms with flat-screen TVs. But is this a viable business strategy – or a wasteful use of resources better suited for improving patient safety?