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How communities affect readmissions & what hospitals can do

In the quest to reduce readmissions, hospitals are well aware there are many factors outside their control, such as finances and access to follow-up care, causing patients to return to the hospital. A new study supports that belief, but offers help. 

‘Patient passports’ could help hospitals deliver better care

Hospitals need to have an open line of communication with patients and their families to provide the highest quality care. But in the chaos that comes with being sick, patients may forget to tell clinicians essential details about their health – or they may be too intimidated. 

More hospitals make unlikely partnerships

Not only are hospitals looking to make innovative partnerships with outside organizations, some are actually working with other competing hospitals and healthcare systems to cut costs and boost quality.

Not respecting patients has consequences

Respecting hospital patients can go a long way toward improving their outcomes. A good number of patients are feeling alienated by clinical staff during hospital stays – and this can cause medical errors to increase for your facility.

Teamwork counts for successful hospitals

Teamwork is crucial for clinical staff – especially when it comes to positive patient outcomes.

Fighting sepsis: Keeping deadly condition under control

While illnesses like ebola and enterovirus D68 have received a lot of press lately, there’s been less attention given to a condition that’s causing harm to many more hospital patients: sepsis.

Music and the patient experience: Taking cues from one hospital’s program

As a way to enhance the patient experience and speed up recovery time, some hospitals have turned to live music.

Mergers in the spotlight: How to keep your hospital from scrutiny

As a way of adapting to the ever-changing healthcare landscape, some hospitals are turning to mergers, seeing them as the most efficient, cost-effective means of giving high quality care to patients.

How hospital leaders can develop stronger patient engagement

To meet the healthcare industry’s new demands, facilities will need to engage and connect with patients — and there are steps hospital leaders can take to help. 

Busy hospital emergency departments may have better patient outcomes

With all the recent talk about long wait times for patients who visit the emergency department (ED), you’re probably scrambling to figure out how to shorten wait times in your hospital’s busy ED.