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6 keys for providing top-quality care to disadvantaged patients

It’s become the norm for hospitals to be judged on their performance with meeting quality benchmarks for various patient conditions. Some organizations are trying to make this burden easier on facilities – but it still won’t come without its challenges, especially for disadvantaged patients. 

Magnet award gives hospitals’ nursing programs a boost

Improving nursing care is a top priority for most hospitals. Meeting the standards set by the Magnet nursing distinction is one way to make your facility stand out from the pack. 

How to spot & handle dementia in older hospital patients

When providing care to elderly patients, hospital staff need to take multiple factors into consideration, since many seniors have a variety of medical conditions. It’s especially important to be aware of whether a patient has dementia so the person can be treated accordingly. 

Keys to creating effective hospital partnerships

The traditional way for hospitals to work with other facilities has always been a merger. But nowadays, mergers come with a great deal of scrutiny. Because of this, hospitals have started looking at unique ways to work closely with neighboring facilities. 

GAO: Quality programs have mixed results

Despite their growing popularity among payors, quality-based initiatives have been slow to improve quality in hospitals, according to one analysis. 

Keys to recognizing, treating strokes in inpatients

Hospitals are known to have trouble recognizing heart attacks in inpatients who have been hospitalized for another illness. Now there’s another significant medical condition that’s proving tough for facilities to treat: stroke. 

Hospital quality measures: What’s CMS planning now?

How are hospitals doing when it comes to meeting certain federal quality measures? Pretty well, according to a new analysis released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). But there’s still work to be done.

What ‘Best Hospitals’ can teach you about quality of care

Healthgrades has released its annual list of the best hospitals in the country, and all hospitals can learn a thing or two about boosting their own quality of care from these outstanding facilities.

Do amenities really boost patient satisfaction scores?

Hospitals are trying many methods to boost their overall patient satisfaction scores, including making expensive upgrades to their facilities. Is this investment paying off for hospitals? 

Hospital boards need to make decisions about quality

Typically, a hospital’s board of directors works behind the scenes, directing management and financial decisions, while leaving patient care to clinicians. But now, it’s important for boards to take a more active role when it comes to quality care.