Healthcare News & Insights

Medical homes: Better, cost-effective care or waste of time?

Do federally funded health centers deliver better, more efficient care? Do they save money? A new government report offers some answers. 

New study challenges long-held beliefs about super-utilizers

If, like most people, you believe that “super-utilizers” are chronic abusers of the health system and that by getting these people in programs to help them manage their illnesses you can save your facility a ton of money, a new study may change all that. 

How primary care can affect your readmissions rates

It’s becoming increasingly important for hospitals to partner with primary care practices to improve patient care. Here’s one reason: Patients’ interactions with their primary care doctors could have a significant impact on your readmissions rates and emergency department (ED) use. 

How your nurses can make up for your physician shortages

Many hospitals are struggling with a shortage of primary care providers, but there’s a way they can make up the difference: giving more responsibilities to their nurses. 

Feds drop plan to ‘snoop’ on docs

The Obama administration has scrapped plans to unleash so-called mystery shoppers to check on practices’ appointment schedules.

Waste in health care: Where does it start?

For a variety of reasons, many patients seek wasteful, too-expensive care in ways that hurt every part of the system — health care providers, insurers and patients.

The waiting room wars: Patients strike back

Patients hate the sometimes interminable wait to see the doctor. And now they’re looking for ways to punish tardy docs. It sounds fair — but is it really?

More proof: U.S. health care falling behind other nations

The U.S. health care system ranked last in a recent comparison of six other large countries.

Feds to spend $250M on building primary care

It’s no secret there’s a critical shortage of primary care docs. Uncle Sam is trying to do something about it.

Dengue fever found in New York

Here’s the latest lesson in tropical diseases’ ability to travel far afield from their “home” regions.