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4 tactics to decrease medical errors in your hospital this year

Hospitals should still be taking steps to reduce preventable medical errors. If not caught early enough, medical errors can cause serious harm to patients. These mistakes can often be avoided by closing any gaps that could cause them to occur undetected. 

Preventable errors kill more patients than common diseases

Medical errors in hospitals are deadly, but the magnitude may be larger than imagined. A new study sheds light on just how many people die due to preventable errors in hospitals each year – and the findings aren’t pretty.

Hospitals battle high rates of surgical ‘never events’

When it comes to “never events” during surgery, there’s plenty of room for improvement in hospital performance. According to a Johns Hopkins analysis of malpractice claims of hospitals from across the nation, preventable surgical mistakes are happening way too often.

$500 million grant’s goal is to eliminate ALL preventable harms

  Calling this grant ambitious is an understatement to say the least. The $500 million grant, from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, seeks to eliminate ALL preventable harms to adult patients in the acute-care setting.