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Study: More patients pick up medicine when it’s e-prescribed

Despite challenges that still lie ahead, some recent studies have shown that electronic prescribing can reduce errors and increase the likelihood that patients take their medicine. 

EHR upgrades increase risk of prescription errors, study says

For all the benefits the newest electronic health record systems can offer, new research says upgrading systems can also lead to increases in some types of mistakes. 

Obama takes action on growing drug shortage crisis

The nationwide shortage of key medications is finally getting some attention from the White House.

Drug shortages lead to pill scalping

Shortages of some key medications are leading some to make a living scalping prescription drugs the way some folks make cash off concert tickets.

Man poses as pharma rep to steal drug samples

Bad: A pharmacy sales rep showing up in a busy office. Worse: A fake sales rep who smooth-talks his way in so he can steal all your drug sample inventory.

Doc illegally prescribed steroids for local cops, taxpayers paid the bill

A doctor and several police officers appear to have engaged in a double breach of public trust.

Are those common drugs still safe 20 years later?

Drugs approved for chronic conditions can have major side effects that aren’t discovered until years or decades after they’re approved. Is there a better way to protect patients?

Fraud, drug use and stalking: Just another day in the pediatric ER?

Allegations of drug abuse and stalking — just what you want in your pediatrician’s background.

Pharmacist gets 4 years in prison for fraud

Turns out identity theft and fraud were the wrong cure for this pharmacist’s financial troubles.

Should you pay patients to take their pills?

A controversial idea is gaining ground in medicine: Paying non-compliant patients to take their meds.