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Physician burnout rising: What hospitals can do

Historically, physician burnout has been a big problem at hospitals – and it’s not getting much better. In fact, the latest research shows many more doctors are at the brink of exhaustion, so facilities need to correct this issue fast. 

Hospital system lands in hot water for referral practices

Your hospital must be careful with the payment agreements it makes with associated doctors and practices, especially regarding referrals. Reason: If these arrangements don’t comply with the law, hefty penalties could result. One hospital system just found that out the hard way. 

Medicare pay: Why male docs earn higher salaries

Riddle me this: If men and women are equally paid by Medicare for providing the same service, why do women only make about half as much as their male counterparts in the Medicare system? 

Study: 50% of physicians use Wikipedia for health info

Your physicians may not be diagnosing patients using only their years of schooling or experience. In fact, guess what the single leading source of medical information is for U.S. patients and healthcare professionals? 

Physician survey: Would they choose the ‘noble profession’ all over again?

Are the physicians who work in your facility happy? They may be happier than those who are in private practice, according to a new physician survey. 

Who should be in charge of improving patient experience?

When it comes to providing a positive patient experience, there are two groups of providers who are essential for this outcome: nurses and physicians. But, when it comes to leading the effort to improve the patient experience, one group is being passed by.

Electronic health records: Should patients have open access?

What’s your opinion when it comes to giving patients full access to their electronic health records? Is it a good idea or a disaster in the making?

Will physician suicide affect your hospital?

Did you know the majority of U.S. physicians are stressed or burned out? And not only does job stress and burnout lead to greater turnover, which is costly for hospitals, it also plays a much larger role in physician suicides than it does among nonphysician suicides.

Patient-centered care: Improved communication and outcomes

Patient-centered care: Is it just another industry buzz word or a better way of providing care that’s here to stay?

The real reason mid-career primary care docs are quitting

New research shows that retention of mid-career primary care physicians is up against many more hurdles than just improving their financial prospects.