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Keep hospital staff engaged: 3 keys

The best way to ensure your hospital meets its performance goals is through working with a quality staff that’s engaged and committed to providing the best possible care.

Patient satisfaction: How new rooms boosted one hospital’s scores

Because payors are putting more weight on patient satisfaction scores for hospital reimbursement, a growing trend in hospitals is designing facilities to make patients and their families feel more comfortable.

Impact patient care and satisfaction with these 5 tips

Small changes can mean big results. Take, for example, the nurse-driven initiative to boost customer service and patient care that’s making a big impact at one Atlanta facility. 

Put your heart into delivering patient-centered care

“Patients come to us for high quality care — but they don’t like us very much.” That was the sentiment of Cleveland Clinic’s CEO, Dr. Delos “Toby” Cosgrove, when he took the reins at the Ohio mega-healthcare system 10 years ago. 

Hospitals looking to fill new seats at executive roundtable

Who said it was lonely at the top? As pay-for-performance measures begin to impact the bottom line, there’s standing room only these days in hospital C-suites. 

19 words that’ll make patients like you more

All hospital administrators know that payment is being tied to patient satisfaction. So if you want staff to make a better first impression and engender positive feelings, have them focus on what they say, as well as what they do. 

Improving patient satisfaction: Success stories from 2 hospitals

As patient satisfaction scores continue to play a role in hospital reimbursement, hospitals need to take every step they can to improve the patient experience as a whole. 

Keys to improving the customer-service experience at your hospital

Many hospital execs may not devote much thought to the customer service aspect of health care. But as patient satisfaction scores are given more weight in reimbursement, leaving a good impression on patients and their families is important.

83% of patients are worried about electronic records

Healthcare organizations are quickly adopting EHR systems, but many patients are still uncomfortable about their information being contained in electronic records. Here’s why — and what providers can do to help. 

Which should come first for hospitals: Patient safety or creature comforts?

Hospitals of all sizes are spending millions of dollars on aesthetic improvements designed to lure in patients. They’re putting in the works, including private rooms with flat-screen TVs. But is this a viable business strategy – or a wasteful use of resources better suited for improving patient safety?