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Changes proposed to hospital pain management

To curb the growing trend of prescription drug abuse in the U.S., hospitals are being challenged to change the way they assess and treat patients’ pain. Some groups are even pressuring the feds to revamp how they present pain management to hospitals. 

Tech drives new strategy for patient-satisfaction surveys

Typically, patient-satisfaction surveys aren’t given to patients until the end of their visit, or shortly after they’re discharged. This means hospitals don’t get feedback on patients’ experiences until long after they’ve left. However, one hospital is taking a different approach to gathering feedback. 

New site rates hospitals based on Twitter feedback

Can you tell how well a hospital is doing using Twitter? A group of researchers say yes, and they’ve created a website to rank facilities based on the feedback they receive through the social media site. 

10 low-cost ways to boost patient satisfaction

Many hospitals are trying to boost their scores on patient satisfaction surveys. Instead of trying huge, sweeping improvement campaigns, keep this in mind: It’s the little things that matter – and that’s straight from the patient’s mouths. 

Focus on this area to reduce readmission rates

Reducing readmissions is a complex problem. And since there’s so much pressure on hospitals to lower them, finding a viable solution is top priority. New research shows taking one simple step can make a big difference. 

New trend: Hospitals are changing to accommodate obese patient population

Nowadays, most hospitals place a high priority on improving patient satisfaction. Happier patients translate to happier customers who tell two friends and so on. But there’s one patient population who may not be happy with their hospital stays unless you’ve altered your facility recently – obese patients. 

Yelp adds more information to hospital reviews

More patients are flocking to third-party review sites to weigh in on their experiences in hospitals, or to find out what others have posted about facilities. Now one major site is expanding the info it offers visitors about patients’ satisfaction with their hospital care. 

White coats & doctors: Creating a hospital dress code

Patient satisfaction is becoming much more significant for hospital reimbursement. And there’s one overlooked factor that may affect patients’ perception of the care they receive: their doctor’s attire – particularly whether he or she’s wearing a white coat. 

New trend: Hospital care at home

Home care is common for patients who have conditions that limit their mobility or make it difficult for them to travel. Now a few hospitals are taking it a step further and turning the typical hospital visit into a house call. 

How other hospital are improving patient satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is an important factor for hospitals’ finances — but a lot of facilities are struggling to improve their scores.