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Anticipate patients’ needs to provide better experiences

Because patient satisfaction has become more important to hospitals’ bottom line, many facilities are starting to focus on improving the patient experience, even drawing inspiration from customer service professionals in the hospitality industry. 

3 lessons from children’s hospitals to improve patient satisfaction

Hospitals are being judged more closely based on patient satisfaction scores, which means more facilities are trying to offer amenities to make patients more comfortable during hospital visits. Some healthcare experts believe that borrowing ideas from children’s hospitals could help all facilities provide a higher level of patient-centered care. 

Volunteers go the extra mile to prevent patient loneliness

Volunteers are an essential part of daily operations at many hospitals. While typical volunteer activities involve minimal interaction with patients, some facilities are having their volunteers take extra steps to engage with elderly patients in an attempt to improve the patients’ recovery and outcomes. 

Are new hospital gowns the key to patient satisfaction?

Hospitals have tried many ideas to improve patient satisfaction scores, from total redesigns of facilities to an overhaul of their menus. But one idea that hasn’t been explored much is now making news: Changing the look of the hospital gown.

Do amenities really boost patient satisfaction scores?

Hospitals are trying many methods to boost their overall patient satisfaction scores, including making expensive upgrades to their facilities. Is this investment paying off for hospitals? 

Child patient satisfaction scores may affect payments

Hospitals worry about adult patient satisfaction scores affecting their reimbursement – but now a new scoring system for pediatric patients may also start playing a role in how facilities get paid.

Docs jockey for high HCAHPS scores by overtreating patients

When it comes to keeping patients happy, the mandate for some doctors is simple: never deny a request for an antibiotic, an opioid pain medication, a scan or a hospital admission. 

Study: Facebook ‘likes’ an indicator of care quality, patient satisfaction

Hospitals looking for a quick way to gauge the quality of their care may look no further than their Facebook pages.

Study finds link between readmissions and patient satisfaction

One new study finds a direct link between two crucial metrics in determining a hospital’s quality of care: patient satisfaction scores and readmissions rates.

How to boost patient satisfaction scores

In October, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will begin reimbursing hospitals based on patient satisfaction ratings as part of its value-based purchasing program. A new study tells hospitals where to focus their efforts so they don’t miss out on that money.