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Are patient portals effective at engaging patients?

A new survey shows patient engagement will be a major issue for hospital leaders. But another recent study shows getting patients involved in their care will take more than just a patient portal. 

5 benefits of giving patients access to their own EHR

As hospitals start adopting electronic records or switch to new EHR systems, here’s a feature recent research says it may pay to include: 

Should patients have access to their own EHRs?

As more hospitals adopt EHRs, doctors and other medical professionals have differing opinions over how much access patients should have to their electronic records. 

57% of providers now offer online patient portals

To boost patient satisfaction and qualify for federal incentive funds, most providers are now offering patients access to online portals to view electronic records and perform other tasks. 

Group publishes 5-step plan for patient engagement

While health IT in general is becoming more popular, providers, vendors and other groups are still trying to find the best ways to use technology to engage patients. 

Texting patients can improve care – but is it secure?

Electronic communication with patients can help healthcare providers improve satisfaction and promote wellness. But are doctors using the best communication methods? 

Patients want online tools to help manage their health care

Patients want to use electronic health information and self-service IT tools to help them manage their own care. And many providers offer those tools, but fail to communicate to patients that they are available. 

Patients want online portals, doctors aren’t using them

While more doctors are embracing technology, there’s one use for health IT that many have yet to take advantage of, a recent survey says. 

3 under-used EHR features

Electronic health record systems are a worthwhile investment for healthcare providers. But there are some EHR features many providers aren’t using that could help them get even more out of that investment.