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Knee replacements turn into lifesaving surgery for some

Knee replacement surgery has obvious benefits to patients’ mobility — but many are finding other surprising benefits.

Patients with more experienced docs have worse outcomes

Patients whose doctors are the most experienced are 70% more likely to die while in the hospital — and 50% more likely to die in the 30 days after leaving.

Lowering post-op mortality — the surprising key

New research indicates that when it comes to reducing patient mortality, how well post-op complications are managed is just as important as preventing complications in the first place.

Hospital’s quality report cards fail to force improvements

Publicly airing data showing how well — or poorly — hospitals perform seems like it would spur even the high performing organizations to improve scores. But it doesn’t.

Why are uninsured twice as likely to die in ER?

Health care providers may appear to be giving the same standard of care to insured and uninsured patients. But new research shows patient outcomes are quite different.

New program tests real value of electronic health record subsidies

One major hospital system is offering up to $40,000 per doctor to adopt EHRs. Will it be worth it?