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Nurse fired for HIPAA violation after discussing cop-killer patient: Was it fair?

Even an off-the-cuff venting session online can result in a HIPAA violation and firing if health providers aren’t careful about what they do — or don’t — say.

Third-party vendor leaves thousands of patient records at city dump

Four hospitals are investigating after it was discovered a billing vendor was dumping thousands of unshredded patient records at a local dump.

Malpractice: There’s an app for that?

Some of the simplest technological tools can open the door to significant malpractice claims.

Is an MBA the new prereq for M.D.s?

The changing nature of health care means physicians have more patient information available to them than ever before. Problem is, they don’t always understand the business side of the industry.

New HIPAA changes: Is your organization ready?

Privacy rule changes set to go into effect in 2010 could catch some health care staff off guard — and leave their organizations at risk. 

Your data isn’t as secure as you think it is

Nearly two-thirds of health care IT directors say their systems aren’t as secure as they should be. 

Twitter: Newest tool for patient care

Is there a legitimate use for Twitter as a health care delivery service? Yes, according to some professionals in the field — if the “just for fun” service is approached from the right perspective.