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How to meet patient demand for AI in health care

The past 10 years have given us some truly innovative technology; now, healthcare providers are beginning to figure out the best ways to use it. They would do well to follow other industries by listening to consumers – in this case, patients – to determine the best way to incorporate this technology into their workflows. […] [MORE]

How one hospital system improved patient flow

Keeping patient flow efficient should be at the forefront of every hospital executive’s mind. The quicker patients are evaluated and triaged for treatment, the more patients your hospital can see – which improves your facility’s bottom line. 

A unique approach to improving patient flow in hospitals

Hospitals have tried many tactics to limit patient overcrowding and improve patient flow, including the use of mandated nurse-to-patient ratios. But there’s one strategy hospitals can try that doesn’t require the added cost of hiring extra staff.

Patient care: Nationwide initiative helps hospitals in 3 key areas

In a climate where hospitals are facing financial penalties for failing to meet quality measures, one nationwide initiative has managed to yield gains in three key aspects of patient care.