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Will 2019 (finally) be the year of patient empowerment?

The healthcare industry has been trying to engage and empower patients through digital records, patient portals and a host of mobile apps. Consumers, however, are getting frustrated because they aren’t seeing the promised improvements in convenience, costs or outcomes fast enough. In this guest post C. Anthony Jones, CEO of a health IT company, predicts […] [MORE]

Build your brand: Keep patients loyal to your hospital

You may not always think of your hospital or health system as a brand, but to make sure your facility continues to attract new patients, it’s important to consider the messages you’re sending and what people think when they hear your hospital’s name. 

Boosting your bottom line and improving patient engagement with SMS

Text messaging is an increasingly popular way for businesses to interact with their customers. In this guest post Dave Rich, VP of product at a software company/carrier that provides direct access to telephony resources and advanced communication services, explains how hospitals can leverage short message service (SMS) as a communications channel to make the patient […] [MORE]

Program encourages patients to use healthcare tech

The feds want patients to be more engaged with healthcare technology, particularly by viewing their health data via access to electronic health records (EHR) systems. However, many patients aren’t taking advantage of this feature, so hospitals may have to use technology creatively to get them on board. 

Boost patient engagement through communication, shared decision making

Engaging patients in their own health outcomes has become important for hospitals. That means it’s essential to communicate information about their conditions throughout their hospital stays. To do this effectively, your clinicians must be on board with delivering information to patients in language they can easily understand. 

5 healthcare technology trends to watch for in 2016

Trends about where an industry is headed, especially one as large and complex as healthcare technology, should best be thought of as trajectories rather than binary “did/did not happen” events. But make no mistake, a lot can happen in a year – even in healthcare technology. In this guest post, Mark Ott, director of product […] [MORE]

How hospitals are using open notes and mhealth to improve outcomes

Hospitals and physicians struggling to get patients engaged in their health care may want to consider two tools which are seeing positive results — mHealth interventions with care partners and open documentation. 

Use patients to improve hospital care: 5 keys

When it comes to improving patient safety and quality, hospitals have the option of creating partnerships with other healthcare providers and community groups. However, facilities can also boost their care by partnering with former patients.

Hospitals use tech to engage ICU patients

Intensive care units (ICUs) can be pretty intimidating for patients and their families, which can have negative effects on patient recovery. But with the help of technology, some hospitals are taking extra steps to put patients at ease and provide better treatment.

What payors and patients want from new health IT

As the healthcare industry continues to see a boom in new technology, providers aren’t the only ones looking to use new health IT. Now patients and payors are embracing it, too.