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Proof: Short staffing leads to deaths

Lower staffing levels can contribute directly to patient mortality, according to new research.

Treated to death

Despite, or because of, mind-boggling advances in medical technology, many people at the end of life are suffering harder, more painful deaths. How do we balance the hope of a cure against the reality of death?

Hospital commended after admitting to role in patient’s death

Admitting a mistake isn’t easy for anyone, but more hospitals are finding real benefits from taking a more up-front approach to discussing their own errors.

Study: Hospitals falling short at keeping patients safe

A new report indicates that despite all the efforts into reducing medical errors and improving patient safety, we’ve made no progress.

Foreign-trained docs: Does the care they provide measure up?

Patients (and let’s be honest, some health care pros) worry that physicians trained overseas may not provide the same level of care as U.S.-trained docs. Should they be concerned?

Look-alike tubes kill patients regularly: Why is this still allowed?

Mistakes as simple — and avoidable — as confusing an IV with a feeding tube regularly injure and kill patients. And industry interests seem content to allow it to continue.

More proof: New residents are killing your patients

Recent research lends credence to the belief that the influx of new residents each summer increases the risk to patients.

Nine hospitals test a radical new informed consent form

Any clinician has seen a patient’s eyes glaze over — or widen in terror — when faced with a consent form that includes dozens of potential risks ranging from infection to death. A process to better inform patients often only confuses them.

Improved patient care is a checklist away

A simple checklist for common diagnoses can dramatically reduce patient deaths, according to a new study.

Patient’s visitor killed by hospital staff — what went wrong?

A Massachusetts hospital faces a state inquest after a patient’s husband was restrained by security staff, fell into a coma and died.