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Improving palliative care can shorten hospital stays, increase bottom line

Your hospital may already offer excellent palliative care, but there’s always room for improvement. New research shows adding palliative care consultation, or expanding what you already have, can not only positively impact your sickest patients, but can also save your organization money.

How hospitals must approach DNR orders

Sometimes, giving the best care to hospitalized patients means knowing when to stop interventions to respect their wishes while giving them the support they need as their lives draw to an end. A new study sheds light upon how different facilities handle patients who have do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders. 

3 unique ways to prevent readmissions

Hospitals must start thinking differently if they want to prevent patient readmissions and avoid the financial penalties that ensue.

Patients & end-of-life care: Best practices for communication

With news that the American Medical Association (AMA) will be releasing billing codes covering discussions for end-of-life planning, the issue is at the forefront of many doctors’ minds. And hospitals typically play an important role in these conversations.

Discussing palliative care in the ED may improve patient outcomes

Normally, staffers in the emergency department are more focused on getting patients triaged and treated than providing them with patient-centered care. But a new study shows that shifting their focus to palliative care could lead to shorter hospital stays and reduced costs.