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Overtime: New legal challenges could affect your hospital

Overtime has been a consistent part of hospital staffing for decades. The debate still rages on about whether having clinical staff work long shifts is more beneficial or dangerous to patients. And now, some recent legal challenges are bringing the issue to the forefront again for many facilities. 

New overtime rule: How it’ll affect hospitals

You’ve likely heard about the Department of Labor’s (DOL) recent updates to the overtime threshold. Hospitals will be significantly affected by the changes, which are set for the end of the year, and the time to start preparing is now. 

Avoid big legal issues with nurses’ shifts, overtime

When it comes to the legal rights of nurses and other hospital staff during the work day, there are several huge pitfalls hospitals must avoid. Two recent cases demonstrate why hospitals need to be careful when scheduling nurses for overtime and making sure they’re paid properly for their work. 

Can long hours cause death from overwork?

Every health exec has fielded complaints about too-long shifts from staffers.