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Hepatitis C outbreak: NH Hospital won’t lose government funding

Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire just received some really good news: It won’t lose its Medicare and Medicaid funding, which were in jeopardy due to the recent hepatitis C outbreak at the facility. While most of the publicity from the outbreak was focused on David Kwiatkowski, the alleged hepatitis C “serial infector” the hospital got […] [MORE]

Hepatitis C outbreak update: Hospital blamed for poor drug security, dirty equipment

David Kwiatkowski, the alleged hepatitis C “serial infector” has been in the media spotlight since he was charged with federal drug crimes. But now the facility that employed him as a lab technician is diverting some of that attention to itself, and not in a good way. 

CDC warns about new dengue fever outbreak

The CDC is warning people about an outbreak of dengue fever in the Bahamas after several visitors to the islands became sick.

New, deadly strain of E. coli rages through Europe

There’s still no definitive word on how the deadly E. coli outbreak in Europe got started — or why this new strain is having a particularly severe effect on adults.

Are we ready for a public health crisis?

How prepared is the U.S. for a major public health crisis? A new report has both good and bad news.