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Most patients prioritize digital customer experience in hospitals: Next steps

Providing the best possible care is the ultimate goal of any hospital, and the digital customer experience is a key part of a patient’s visit. Patients are willing to go elsewhere if their needs aren’t being met, so it’s essential to prioritize technological innovation and improve convenience. 

Where next generation of consumers is getting its health info

To keep up with the evolution of health care, leaders will need to understand how the next generation of consumers make health decisions — and a new study is giving providers some insight. 

Docs approve of online health tools

As we reported earlier, patients want to be to given access to their own electronic records. Here’s another way patients want to get more involved in their own care. 

Patients want health care on their smartphones

Health IT isn’t just giving hospitals more ways to use technology to treat patients. Patients are also interested in using tech tools to manage their own care. 

Healthcare sites are difficult for patients to understand, study says

New research says that many hospitals’ websites likely make little sense to the average patient. 

Should patients have access to their own EHRs?

As more hospitals adopt EHRs, doctors and other medical professionals have differing opinions over how much access patients should have to their electronic records. 

Remote patient monitoring adoption grew 20% last year, report says

As hospitals begin to adopt more health IT in general, there’s one area aside from electronic health records that many providers are seeing value in: remote patient monitoring. 

Using social media effectively in health care: A 5-step plan

A lot has been written about the benefits of social media for patients. But how can healthcare providers benefit from social networking sites, and how can they tap into that potential? 

Social networking sites help patients follow doctors’ orders

There have been a lot of stories recently about how patients are turning to social media sites for information about their health and treatment options. Here’s another benefit of social networking for patients and providers: 

35% of patients have used websites to diagnose medical conditions at home

Yesterday we reported on an area in which patients could be more effectively using technology to reap health benefits. But here’s an area where people may rely too much on tech tools: