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Why hospitals have to drop 12-hour shifts for nurses

In order to prevent burnout among nurses, hospital leaders need to rethink how they approach scheduling. 

Are your ER nurses suffering from death anxiety?

Nurses already deal with high stress from their jobs, but emergency department nurses might be at additional risk of suffering from “death anxiety.” 

How your hospital can handle nurse fatigue

More facilities are hoping to use nurses to address gaps in care. But first they’ll have to keep those nurses healthy. 

‘Code Lavender’ designed to relieve stress in hospital staff, patients

You‘re likely familiar with using alerts like “Code Red” or “Code Blue” in cases of emergency. But several hospitals have created a different kind of alert designed to reduce burnout and stress in staff: Code Lavender.

Hospitals get creative to reduce employee stress, burnout

Hospitals across the country are coming up with some unique ways to relieve stress and fight burnout in staff members – and many of these tactics are relatively cost-effective.

Survey: Fatigue, burnout at high levels among healthcare pros

The results of a new survey of healthcare professionals indicate that it’s important for hospitals to address the issue of staff burnout and fatigue.