Healthcare News & Insights

Christmas mass is ground zero for hep A outbreak

A local health department is warning one church’s parishioners that their communion wafers may have been come with exposure to hepatitis A.

Doc illegally prescribed steroids for local cops, taxpayers paid the bill

A doctor and several police officers appear to have engaged in a double breach of public trust.

Back to school for dentist who broke patients’ jaws

A dentist who has fractured her patients’ jaws and left instruments stuck in their teeth has been ordered to go back to school before resuming work.

Nurse caught sucking used Fentanyl patches — out of the medical waste bin

Who knew drug addiction could turn into an environmental crime?

Toddler pricked by contaminated needles left on clinic floor

Apparently, leaving a bio hazard bin with a broken top on the floor of an exam room is a bad idea.

Feds bust largest Medicare fraud ring yet

The ring, focused on identity theft and Medicare fraud, is part of a larger group of general swindlers, according to information released by prosecutors.

Fraud allegations against world’s busiest proctologist

Talk about a pain in the butt: Billing for 25-hour workdays was just one of the red flags that landed this doctor in legal hot water.

Woman sues after two years of treatment for non-existent cancer

Learning you don’t have cancer is usually good news — but after two years of tortuous treatment for a disease she didn’t have, this patient is suing for big money. 

The case of the unread ECHOs: Lessons for docs and patients

The recent disclosure that more than 7,000 ECHOs were never read by a physician has folks up in arms — but not for the reason you’d probably expect.

‘Sorry, we can’t find your bill… wanna pay this guy’s?’

One hospital is learning that sending patients random bills doesn’t go over as well as you might think.