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3 ways to introduce new technology to the elderly

The elderly and new technology may not always seem to get along, but in the medical world they have to. Technological advancements are happening every day and many deal with the elderly. In this guest post, Blake Marggraff, CEO of a company that offers interventions using automated phone calls or text messages to manage patients’ […] [MORE]

How hospitals can avoid the dangers of new health IT

Hospital leaders are being pushed to integrate health IT to improve their operations and quality of care. But many facilities make this simple mistake which could lead to big consequences — never testing the technology first. 

Surprise: Older doctors use more EHR features

It’s commonly believed that young folks get more out of technology than others, and the same belief is often held when it comes to doctors and health IT. But one recent study says that might not be true.

Patients eager for health IT advancements

More patients are getting excited about the benefits of new medical technology – which means providers have more opportunity to get the most out of their health IT investments.